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Knowing Your Options

& Getting Support



Good parenting doesn’t require a high level of education, a certain age, or even a high income.  Love and a willingness to learn, to work hard and delay gratification, to consistently put your child's needs above your own are essential to success. 

Options for Women Cornerstone offers Earn While You Learn, a program which focuses on parenting skills, prenatal, labor and delivery education, as well as mentoring through ongoing client-advocate relationships.  We are committed to being part of your parenting support network. We also provide Pregnancy Resources and beyond.

If you are concerned about the impact of pregnancy on your education or employment situation, an Options for Women Cornerstone advocate can explore options and resources with you for support!

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What do Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy’s restaurants), Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple and creator of the iPhone) and Faith Hill (country music superstar) have in common? Their mothers all chose to give them life in the midst of difficult circumstances and then placed them with an adoptive family to raise them.


Adoptees continue to make their mark in the world.  They live, love, serve, and succeed in their chosen fields. Contrasted with closed adoptions in the past, a birth mom now makes an adoption plan and can be involved in the process of determining the child's adoptive family.  She also participates in decisions on future openness with the family she decides to place her child with.  

Adoption is a decision that can be approached slowly with the birth mother in control of her own and her child's destiny.  Medical and other expenses can be covered, and contact with the birth father can be handled by the adoption agency.  

Adoptions are finalized after the birth to give mothers sufficient time and full knowledge of options.  We work closely with New Life Family Services, an organization devoted to helping women who are assessing their openness to adoption. An Options for Women Cornerstone advocate will support the birth mother throughout the process.

At Options for Women Cornerstone, we are eager to work with you regardless of what you decide, and we're happy to meet whatever your needs are along the way.

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If you are considering an abortion, please talk with an Options for Women Cornerstone advocate. Our staff is dedicated to helping you understand medical and surgical abortions and all the options available to you at this point in your pregnancy.


An informed pregnancy decision empowers you and your future. To explore your options, first confirm whether you are pregnant with a no-cost medical pregnancy test at Options for Women Cornerstone. If your test is positive, a no-cost ultrasound (a procedure that uses sound waves to determine age and location of pregnancy) can be scheduled.  

Options for Women Cornerstone advocates can assist you to take steps to protect your health and safety. We are here to restore hope to women facing unplanned pregnancies.  

If you are considering taking the abortion pill or have taken the abortion pill and have changed your mind.,  click here.

Our organization recommends life affirming services, therefore we do not recommend or refer for abortions. 

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