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Peer Counseling

Pregnancy Testing

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Who We Are

We at Options for Women | Cornerstone are dedicated to providing compassionate and confidential care to those facing unexpected pregnancies and sexual health concerns. With services ranging from pregnancy and STD testing, obstetrical ultrasounds, peer counseling and education classes, all 100% free of charge, our nurses and trained professionals are passionate about giving women and men the resources they need to empower them to make the best decisions they can in their unique situation.

Our Vision

To be the first choice as a trusted resource for those looking for pregnancy and sexual health aid and to equip families to be strong. 


Trusted Resource: Referral center to appropriate ministries, community organizations, and county/state government resources. 

Safe Pregnancies: Ensuring proper resources for physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our clients and their babies. 

Healthy Relationships: Fostering a compassionate environment based on love, mutual respect, and the value of life for all. 

Strong Families: Equipping clients with educational and material resources to enable successful futures. 

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